Where I Was & Where I Am – Day One in Singapore

Was writing papers, now in Singapore! If you only needed a quick answer, then there you have it~

If you want more updates though, feel free to read on if you please! I’ve definitely got a lot to catch up on (;ω;)

From when I announced something of a break in September up until now, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with academics, to say the least, which, combined with general mood swings, forced me to shift my focus away from a lot of my interests for a while (*_*)

I still have a few loose ends to tie up, but those aside, I’ve largely done what’s needed to be done, and if time allows, I do wish to come back here and write what I’ve grown to enjoy more over the months!

At the moment, I have quite a bit to catch up on: writing, music, the usual mix, and if any of you have been checking out my channel, you may have noticed a new song I released a few days ago, which I’m excited to talk about soon! If you’d like to give it a quick listen for now though:

From Joe Hisaishi (久石譲) to contemporary ambient music, I drew a lot of information and learned… some theory to being this piece together—so I hope you enjoy it for now!

Six Years On…

As I write this though, I am currently staying for a short bit in Singapore, a visit planned for quite sometime now, but only kicked off today.

Safe to say, four years of not traveling on aircrafts meant that today’s flight was… not pleasant, to say the least—I was fine by the end! But I dread the return flight just having gone through that, and that was barely three and a half hours ( ; ; )

Regardless, I look forward to finding some new inspiration and catching a breath while I’m here—there are some sites I may visit soon I may write about too, so time will tell if that can happen!

Naturally, though, the Jewel Changi, attached right to the Changi Airport, was something of a first stop—when I was last here in 2016, none of this was open at all, and to come back to such a sight felt like stepping into a painting!

The Rain Vortex, as it’s known, is apparently the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, something the complex will proudly tell you about when it can, and by all means is it something to marvel at~

With tickets for the mosaic bridge, I was able to lounge back on the highest walkway overlooking this dome, which reminded me a lot of the Zhangjiajie (张家界) Glass Bridge in Hunan (湖南), China, for one main reason: the path’s floor was translucent.

From this video, I’m walking above around five-ish stories, though the glass is translucent enough that it didn’t make me nauseous or anything, more just fascinated by the opportunity.

Even just this dome aside, experiences around the complex remained varied and interesting, such as this one room that let me play some music by waving a brochure:

The Experience Studio, as they called it, was like this interactive museum, if I had to describe it: from history lessons to airport arcade games and that music room, all of it was powered by that brochure you see me holding, which activates the attraction’s events when placed around—clever technology, in short!

If anything, however, this whole experience at the Jewel reminded me of how much Singapore loves and prides itself on greenery, something I wish more countries could do ( ;∀;)

What I’m interested in seeing soon, though?

…is how much will have changed in the Gardens in the six years since I took this photo.

Hoping to share more when I can, and may I just say—it’s lovely to be back here, both in this country and on this website!

To anyone who’s been here before too, I’d like to hear whatever you have to say about the country, even if just to share a little of what we can love or not about this place!

Sending all the love to ‘ya, and looking forward to the next entry here! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

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