~Just Another Breeze~

This page is where I’ll upload some of my tracks for you to hear free of anything-!

I’ll update this every now and then, probably with an accompanying blog post, so enjoy yourself- (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

3rd of Cellan

A manor sits still in the dim night, plants and flowers blooming vibrantly around it as the headlights of passing cars glimmer off the front walls.

Though only portraits and mementos remain of those who had once lived here, their heir may yet be alive somewhere on the continent: somewhere far enough from Tsuzugo that she may once again form new memories away from a place she’d rather forget.

If you want to find out more behind the context and production of this track, come check out the blog page too-! I’d really love that ( ✌︎’ω’)✌︎

Or… you could come check the related album out on my Bandcamp-!


This here’s an older song that didn’t quite make the cut for my Bandcamp, but I think it’s still worth- well, something-!

Now yes it is on my YouTube channel, but, hear me out, what you’re getting here is ever-so-slightly mixed better… That’s about it (^∇^)

(kudos to my friend for reading the nonsense “vocals”~)

Carnaverie (E Minor)

I’ll just spoil it a bit—Among all my songs, the original Carnaverie is my personal favourite!

Composing just the first recording of sorts took me days, and I fiddled around with a lot of chord extensions and progressions I never really used—I learned this IV – V – iii – vi Progression from some analysts who pointed out its usage in Japanese music, so I thought it’d be a nice thing to mess with for this track~

It’s not 100% that for a few reasons, main one being I added a lot of 6ths and 11ths to the individual chords, but all in all, we got something that sounded good and had a decently-interesting composition—for me anyways!

So to celebrate 400 views… What about a whole new take on Carnaverie?

I like to describe the original as like an opening theme song of sorts, so here I present to you its counterpart: something maybe suitable as a credits theme~!

Quick volume warning, but hopefully the mixing’s not awful—I’m still getting the hang of that (^^;;

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