Less of the same from more of the same… Another ambient track out today~

I’m kinda just shifting this into a music blog now aren’t I…

There is a book I wanna talk about next week if I have time? So we’ll see—I still have a lot of fun popping up every once in a while~!

On that note, Hiya!

Not much of note again in my life, but around December or so, I might get a chance to talk about some new stuff—as long as my travel plans go smoothly!

But for now, I pass my time instead through traveling… well, through sound!

~The song itself~

First of all, I’m glad to show you all my newest release: another ambient track, Above Endless Fields!

Quick fun fact: of my last four songs, this is the only one whose title remained the same from concept to release!

Dreamer’s Wonderland, for example, was “Window into Ataraxia” during its development, whilst Wayfarers of Snowfall was “Pilgrims of Snowfall” for quite a while.

Temple of the Arbiter takes the record though, going from “Arbiter’s Summit” to “Arbiter’s Serenade” to “Serenade of the Arbiter” before it finally settled on a title that’s… well, for me anyways, a lot more fitting~!

So Above Endless Fields staying with this title does show a little something else: me becoming ever-so-slightly more confident with where I want to take this album!

I personally don’t think this track really trumps Wayfarers of Snowfall, but it does continue a lot of my ideas and techniques from then—which I’d love to go off about as I slowly lose myself in all this theory again…

Plowing the fields…

My opening for Above Endless Fields is basically what started this whole idea: a repeating melody of just G – A – B, which I thought sounded lovely!

Credits to my piano teacher here—I played out that opening melody for him, and he helped me get some more ideas on what scales to toss into the track!

So among my options: there were all the pentatonic scales, there’s the Italian Enigmatic Scale, there were the Japanese scales I’d previously messed around with…

but in the end, I just went for simple G Major / Ionian (๑>◡<๑)

All the white keys, except with F sharpened, to give a basic picture of it!

And what makes this convenient is this scale is basically the same as C Lydian—so if I wanted to modulate into C Major, then I could do so quite smoothly!

The main things I reused we’re suspended chords, just because I love their sound and feel so much~

There are four of these total in the song: Asus4, Bsus4, and Esus4, which replace the ii, iii, and vi chords respectively, plus… F#sus4.

Now there is an F#dim chord in the key of G Major, but in terms of purpose, I saw this chord as more of a borrowed one from the neighbouring key of D!

These four chords, combined with simple G, C, F, and D, make up pretty much the whole song—though sometimes I toss in an additional 6th note!

And that’s something that I personally just love…

A whole song, about 95% of which is built on just eight chords—sometimes played alone, sometimes with an added / removed note, sometimes harmonised over each other.

It’s something I love about most creative mediums: you can really create so much out of so little, and still give it a mood that may not really be unique by itself…

but hopefully, is unique to each of us! ((o(^∇^)o))

I love seeing music in terms of its mood first, story second, then sound third, really putting the setting of a song above… the actual song itself, in a way!

If you’ve read my previous music-related posts, you’ll probably know how I start basically every song with an image of some kind, which I just try to drag a whole track out of~

It can be gruelling, it can be ear-piercing when you get sounds wrong, but at the end of the day… we have something.

And whether or not it’s good or fitting, as I always say, is up for you to decide!

I’d really love to hear what you think once again, and if you enjoy what you hear, then I’d love too if you could check out my channel and maybe stick around for the future!

My 6th album is less than halfway finished, and yet I can’t help but feel I’ve already gone through so many ideas in such few songs…

So it’s time to start looking for more, yeah~? (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


As a final bonus, I wanna put here a bunch of the images I generated for this song’s cover, but decided not to use!

The setting itself is the country of Dearlocke from my works, which like a lot of things I wanna set aside for the future!

But it’s a country mostly known for rolling hills, vast vineyards, rich estates, and lush landscapes… so whether or not these images catch that—well, it’s an AI creating them, it’ll never understand context or spirit as well as a human, which is for the best!

Hope these are still nice for you, and ‘til next I write, all the more love to ‘ya! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

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