Some live mock-ups of my songs *\(^o^)/*

Fun fact: I have actually performed a song live once before!

Wasn’t any big venue, just a modest bar, and it was not my proudest moment… but hey, it’s one hell of an opportunity, yeah?

As of writing, I have nowhere near the skills needed to actually perform any of my own music, but as a joke I made to my friends in the past, I said I’d create live renditions of them anyways if I could—and today, that promise comes true!

So yeah, this is just a live mix, not an actual performance—if it was, you wouldn’t hear me over the all the booing! (*゚▽゚*)

But I arranged this in about four hours, and it’s more of an experiment than anything so it’s definitely rough…

so if you can listen, do let me know how it turns out!

If you’ve heard the originals, then you’ll definitely notice how much faster Glistering Gardens is here—I always thought the song’s climax would make a good danceable tune of sorts, so this was my opportunity to put that to the test!

As for Northbound Voyage, what I play here’s more of a truncated version of the first “act” in B Major; once again, slightly sped up, but overall, I imagine it as the true intro of sorts for the “show”!

I’m honestly interested in continuing this project now, but I have a lot more interesting things lined up, so I’ll just see where time takes me I guess ♪( ´θ`)

See ‘ya soon, and all the love to you!

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