“A Town of Trades”… an excerpt from my book~

Hiya-!! I thought of doing something a bit different today from the usual musical analysis~

Today, I felt like actually showing a bit of my current writing, especially after the rambling yesterday, I felt it was about time to put a little more out~

So the chapter we’ll see below is Chapter 5 of my work-in-progress book, and I mentioned this in my previous post, but here’s the blurb for it-!

A 12,000 year old deity awakens in the human world with only two memories: their name, and the fact that they are not a mortal. Will they find a way to return to godhood, or remain and adapt to the world they once held influence over, but has now forgotten them entirely?

To summarise this chapter, that former deity, taking the name Ennarin and presenting as a female human, retains only their immortality and incorporeal status, otherwise losing nearly all memory of who they once were! This leaves the universe’s Synod with only 11 remaining Princes, with Ennarin currently seeking to become the 12th once more~

By this chapter, they and their traveling companion, a quiet woman going by the name Sakiyo Naozami, arrive in a town named Kergant, in search of Urillan, the Prince of Dealings, as they learn that, in order to attain status as a Prince again, Ennarin must receive a token of approval from all active deities: thus, they travel here in pursuit of their second Assent, along the way facing the trial that he has already set up~

Hopefully that’s enough context to help set what’s actually happening here-? But my judgement could be wrong, as I usually am (>_<)

But enough of me—However much of this chunk you’ll read, I hope you’ll find something worthwhile~!

I hope to catch you all again soon~!!

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