Northbound Voyage now released on Bandcamp!


If you’ve been to my About Me page, you’ve probably seen my Bandcamp linked, but it’s been an empty profile… until today!

Feel free to have a look over here if you’d please—I love to say there’s something for everyone, but only you can really judge that, yeah?

It’s mostly the same as my YouTube content, but I did make minor edits here and there to polish the quality a bit~

In the future, assuming I do alright on this platform, I’ll begin releasing exclusively on it and see where that goes~

But until then, it’d mean a lot to me if you could pay some bits a little listen~

Once again, you can find the album here, and if you want a bit of backstory behind one of its tracks… then don’t let me distract you from checking this post out either! ♪( O▽0)

Whatever the future holds, stay safe, and all the love to ya’!

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