“More than pieces of gold…”

I think I speak for all of us who are avid internet users that, over the years, we’ve all found shipping containers of interesting things—maybe creepy, maybe fascinating, maybe informative, so here’s a collection of some that I’ve saved over this and last year, plus some recent news I feel would be fun to share!

Everything from news to research papers to facts to websites—here they are!

The 15th Station, Kanbara (蒲原), by Hiroshige

It’s a bit small of a list, but I hope you’ve found something interesting in here—it’s been fun looking back through my bookmarks and subscribed newsletters to assemble this! Really made me remember how much I love learning about things that don’t really matter much in the end…

In the meantime, have a good weekend, and hopefully I’ll see you again next week~! ٩(^‿^)۶

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