~A little collection of ‘art’ I’ve used~

For a fun Saturday bonus, I thought I’d just compile and display some of the images of my likeness I’ve used across my posts so far~!

I do have a friend drawing some of my more important photos (~like my profile picture~), so you can check her out on Instagram at @rrain_013 if you’re interested!

But otherwise, because of how often I post, I just make do with AI-generated art, sometimes related to what I’m discussing, most of the times not, and while features may be inconsistent, I try and make sure my character’s as close to me as possible!

Again—All of this is AI-generated, sometimes with minor edits from me—I didn’t draw these! I can’t stress that enough—I am terrible at visual arts HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

But hey, they work in terms of filling out my site with some version of me, yeah?

So here are some images I’ve used over my posts—just for fun, really!

And down here… bonus photos I’ve generated but not used on the site~!

Take heart everyone, and have a lovely weekend-!

– 海咲むんだえ

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